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I’m just a fan artist, and not officially endorsed or supported by any official companies.

I’ve done my best to communicate about receiving permission to make my stuff officially, but with no answer, I took it upon myself to help everyone celebrate their favorite characters in their own ways.

I make derivative work based on the likeness of characters and don’t use full character names or official trademarks.


These are hand and machine washable, with warm or cold temperature.

You don’t need to remove the stuffing!

When wet, the fuzzy parts become clumpy. This is normal, and the pillow will go back to normal once dry.

Use warm or cold temperature in the dryer.


All of the stickers are home-made, weatherproof, and laminated!

I did months of research on the best way to make stickers, and tested them out myself!

First, I design and print out the stickers on sticker paper. With the help of a cutting machine and my hands and scissors, the stickers are cut to shape!

After a few months on my car, the color was fading and the sticker surface wasn’t doing well.

Here is another sticker experiment that has been on my car! I hand painted a new batch of stickers with a sealing cover!

I used Mod-Podge. However, the process was very messy and left a lot of streaks.

Finally, I decided to laminate my stickers! After several months on my car, which has been rained and snowed on, this Luong sticker still looks great and works great!

With all of the experience and experimentation, I decided to laminate my stickers and then heat-set the lamination to provide extra strength. 😀

My stickers are a labor of love, so please let me know about any issues!


I personally check all of my keychains to make sure they’re of good quality!

If there are any scratches, I make sure to fix them!

All better!

This is thanks to my Dremel and acrylic polish!

Then I examine the clasp attachments and adjust them with my pliers!

This one isn’t perfect just yet…

All better!